SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Dr. Terri Marshall


Dr. Terri Marshall serves as the Principal for the Department of Education Activity (DoDEA) Virtual School (DVS). As the principal she oversees three hubs, located on three different continents in three different time zones. Her office is located on Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Under her skillful leadership as principal since the Fall of 2010, the DVS has become a fully accredited, diploma granting institution and has grown exponentially from approximately 500 enrollments to a K-12 school with 12,000 enrollments. In March of 2020 with the onset of a worldwide pandemic and the closure of DoDEA face-to-face schools, Dr. Marshall, along with her team of experts, directed the development of a DoDEA-wide virtual option that enabled K-12 online instruction to become a reality. She and her staff have put in place a dynamic support network that ensures military connected students, their parents, and DoDEA teachers around the world are able to carry on with the learning process. In recognition of the virtual school success, Dr. Marshall was named the DoDEA 2020 Principal of the Year. Additionally, in June of 2021, Dr. Marshall was one of only eight recipients of the prestigious Spirit of Service Award which recognizes the virtues of public service across the Department of Defense.

Dr. Marshall is a product of the Washington, DC area and followed in her mother’s footsteps when she went into education. She began her career as a math and business teacher in the District of Columbia Public School System. During her tenure there, she was selected as the Ward 8 Outstanding Teacher of the Year and implemented an educational grant for urban schools from The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation.

Dr. Marshall has served in a variety of educational and administrative positions since 1994 when she began her DoDEA career as a math teacher in Wiesbaden, Germany. From there she was named an Assistant Principal and moved to Seoul, Korea. Three years later she came back to Europe for her first principalship at Hanau, Germany. In 2004, she was asked to serve as Principal–in-Residence at DoDEA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. In that role, she provided advice to the DoDEA leadership on issues impacting secondary school students.

Dr. Marshall received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1994, she earned a Master’s in Education from George Washington University. In 2014, she earned a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership at Argosy University.

Ms. Marshall official photo

Dr. Terri Marshall


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