SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opens on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opens on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Parent Resources

The parent resources page serves as an online learning guide for sponsors/parents of DVHS students. Here you can learn about the school’s mission, vision, values, and policies. The parent resources page helps you understand what to expect from the school as well as student and parent responsibilities. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school community.


DVHS Instructional Model

The DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHs) provides online courses to military-connected students. The DVHS Instructional Model provides insight into program eligibility, attendance, teaching and learning technology support, and more.

View the DVHS Instructional Model.

Student & Parent Responsibilities 

Students who have never taken an online class are probably wondering how online courses compare to traditional classes. Online courses and traditional classes have similarities such as teachers, classmates, completion requirements, course materials, and assignments. Though the basic academic skills for success are similar for all grade levels, self-direction, time management, and self-motivation are critical for student success in the online environment. 

Caring adults play an important role in each student’s education. Best practices and research indicate that students do best when they receive additional support and guidance from an adult who will make a commitment to routinely provide educational support.

View Student & Parent Responsibilities.

Curriculum and Courseware

The courseware and curriculum for the DoDEA Virtual High School have been carefully selected to ensure that each student will receive an education from an accredited entity that meets all DoDEA requirements, including adherence to DoDEA’s Learning Management System, Schoology. Each student will be provided with a DoDEA student email address upon registration in their local school that will allow them to access their online courses. Parents are welcome to use their student’s account information to access their student’s courses as well.

Visit the DVHS Curriculum and Courseware page for more information.

DSIS Family Portal and Grades

The official gradebook for all DVHS courses is DSIS (aka Aspen) and is accessible to parents via the DSIS Family Portal. Please check with your student's local school for access. 

With access to the Family Portal parents/guardians can have an email generated whenever the student has a grade that falls below a specified threshold. 

View the instructions for setting up the automatic emails in DSIS.

Parent Communications

DoDEA Virtual School provides parent communications throughout the year as needed. Instead of quarterly newsletters, we are now sending graphics and/or videos on single topics as appropriate. 

Support Services

View Support Services

Sample Course Demo

Often parents and other stakeholders are interested in learning what the DVHS courses look like and how they work. Take a few minutes and review our Sample Course Demo video.

Student Orientation

The Student Orientation, or Online Learning Guide, is always available in each DVHS course. All students are directed to complete this orientation at the beginning of every course. This ensures they understand how our learning management system (LMS) works and how to navigate through the course. 

DVHS Academic Integrity Policy

DoDEA Virtual School operates under the expectation that all students will hold to academic standards that are both ethical and honest; thus, any sort of academic dishonesty is prohibited. All assignments submitted to your instructor should be your original work. 

Though this list is not all-inclusive, using a language translator or any form of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI such as Chat GPT, Chatbox, Bing Chat, etc.), plagiarism, cheating, copying the work of another student, copying answers from the internet, or copying any source other than the student’s own creation, are all examples of academic dishonesty. Students who violate this policy are subject to academic consequences. 

View the full Academic Integrity Policy and Consequences.

Tips for Online Learning

Review our Online Learning Tips for more information on how best to learn online.

Lightspeed Filter

DoDEA will begin using Lightspeed Filter on DoDEA Chromebooks to help ensure a safe online experience whether students use the device at school or elsewhere. Every effort is being made to avoid interruptions of valid curriculum access. However, if content that is needed for school research or an assignment is blocked, the student should submit a DVHS Tech Help Desk ticket so the school’s technology staff can help resolve the issue. 

Read DoDEA Lightspeed Filter Letter to Parents


DVHS Supplemental

Students wishing to enroll in the DVHS supplemental program must register at their local DoDEA school. That school then registers the student for their supplemental DVHS courses. 

Visit the DoDEA Registration page for more information. 

Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program

Students interested in enrolling in the Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program, must complete an application and be accepted into the program. 

Visit the DVHS Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program page for the application and more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Parents may have questions that are not otherwise answered in this resource guide. Below is a link to a series of frequently asked questions from parents. 

View DVHS Parents' Frequently Asked Questions.


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