Principal's Corner

Welcome to the DoDEA Virtual School.

The DVS is wherever you are, whenever you need us. We offer a wide range of opportunities for our military-connected students, and the DVS stands ready and willing to assist in the learning process in every way we can. Because we are on multiple continents in many countries across different time zones, we are always just a click away. The DVS is an inclusive, 24-7 educational environment that remains focused on our abilities to serve you. In my tenure as principal of the DVS, we have grown exponentially and continually look for ways we can better serve our vast community of learners located around the world. The DVS has educators with great skills in their respective areas and who also come from an array of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have military veterans, dependents, former Brats, TOYs (Teacher of the Year), a POY (Principal of the Year), and former Peace Corps workers. We hail from the North, the South, the Southwest, the East Coast, the West Coast, and multiple foreign countries. Our life experiences enable us to connect with our students in multiple ways.

At the DVS we believe in the philosophy of productive struggle with a strong support network in place. It is through this struggle that we learn to meet challenges and develop a skills set to meet life head on. Technology skills are an integral part of the skills set required to be successful in today’s world. As most of the educators, students and parents around the world have come to realize, virtual learning is a force unto itself and no easy task. To master the nuances of 21st Century technology takes both focus and training. We work diligently to establish a collaborative culture and work environment that is both student-centered and user friendly. The day-to-day operations of the DVS are a model of how collaborative leadership and shared decision making produce the most positive results. We truly are “One Mission, One Vision, One School”.

We know that students rise to the expectations that are set forth by educators and that all students can achieve with the support and guidance of those most significant in their lives. Regardless of the circumstances that brought you to the DVS, we are very glad to have you and want your time with us to be as positive and productive as possible.

With kind regards,

Dr. Terri Marshall
Principal, DoDEA Virtual School

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