SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

About Our School

DVHS Vision

The DoDEA Virtual High School Vision is to provide interactive and engaging instruction that prepares students to learn, work, and serve a global society

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School Mission/Vision

DoDEA Mission

To Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

DVHS Vision

To provide interactive and engaging instruction that prepares students to learn, work, and serve a global society

About Our School

DoDEA Virtual High School Functions

  • We offer over 85 courses, including core classes, Advanced Placement courses and electives which are all aligned to DoDEA College and Career Readiness Standards. 
  • We provide fully accredited online asynchronous courses with synchronous support by full-time DoDEA certified teachers  
  • We deliver courseware and curriculum that has been carefully selected and developed to ensure that each student will receive an education that meets all DoDEA requirements 
  • We provide a technology-rich environment with online technical support.    
  • We provide student onboarding and orientation to the online learning environment.     
  • We collaborate with instructional designers to create learning environments where learners can participate in rich, meaningful learning experiences.  
  • We provide education for students in extenuating circumstances.  

Our History

From a little over 500 enrollments in the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) just ten years ago to more than 12,000 in K-12 in SY 2020-21, the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) has experienced enormous growth and has proven itself time and again to be one of DoDEA’s greatest assets. The DVHS became a fully accredited DoDEA high school in the Spring of 2010. We provide courses supplemental to the local DoDEA school, providing increased opportunities and course selection. DVHS also grants diplomas to students who are eligible for full time enrollment.  In June 2012 four students received the first diplomas granted by the DVHS. Because of our presence hundreds of others have been able to complete their high school graduation requirements in spite of being in remote locations, having health vulnerabilities, or attending smaller schools where course access is limited.

The purpose of the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) is to impact student performance and ultimately make an impact in the lives of our students. Over the years the DVHS has stepped forward on multiple occasions to preserve some sense of normalcy and continuity for our students. In 2011 an earthquake rattled Japan and caused a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The DVHS was there for DoDEA Japan. In 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. DVHS was there for the DoDEA schools in Puerto Rico. In 2020 the beginning of an ongoing worldwide pandemic caused DoDEA schools around the world to close. The DVHS was there for all of DoDEA and in a matter of weeks implemented a dynamic K-12 virtual option. These examples speak in a very large way as to how far the DVHS has evolved from being a supplemental program to offering a fulltime virtual option that serves DoDEA students with great pride.

Our Locations

To best serve our students’ needs, the DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) is strategically located in three separate hubs in three separate time zones on three different continents. The awareness of a shared culture, vision, purpose and direction is evident in the DVHS motto of "One Mission, One Vision, One School."

The Americas Hub is located in Quantico, Virginia. It includes a principal, two assistant principals, district SIS instructional support specialist, educational technologist, lead and support instructional designers, counselors, special education specialist, and administrative staff in addition to fifteen teachers. Counselors, special education specialist, district ET and instructional designers are located in the Americas to provide centralized support in close proximity to DoDEA Headquarters. This facilitates coordination of services across all three Areas and collaboration on curriculum and professional development issues.

The European Hub, located in Sembach, Germany, is staffed with two assistant principals, an educational technologist and nineteen teachers. 

The Pacific Hub, located in Okinawa, Japan, is staffed with an assistant principal, educational technologist and six teachers. 

The virtual school program is overseen by the Chief of Technology and Innovation who is located at DoDEA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Our Community

The DoDEA Virtual High School (DVHS) embraces the challenges that come with working with the children of military-connected families. By the nature of the community served, the DVHS school population is both diverse and mobile, and our courses provide continuity for those students whose families change stations during the school year. Various methods of communication and information delivery are utilized to facilitate the geographic and time zone differences. In addition to the knowledge and skills our students gain, they also obtain life-long skills such as online collaboration and digital literacy that help them become successful citizens in the global community.

The DVHS is undeterred from its mission to educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world. It supports the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP) by servicing students located in countries without DoDEA schools. This expands our geographical reach to places such as Africa, Australia and South America. Other programs supported by the DVHS include the DVHS Expanded Eligibility Pilot Program (E2P2), the Domestic Transition Program, and the DVHS Summer School Program.

Because our community of learners is vast and located on multiple continents in many countries across different time zones, it is evident that the DVHS is an inclusive, flexible, 24-7 educational environment that remains vigilant and ready to serve our community whenever and wherever  the need arises.

School Goals

Chain of Command

School Colors
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